nr 2(47) (2017)

Writing History – Shaping History of (Not Only Polish) Literary Studies

Writing History – Shaping History of (Not Only Polish) Literary Studies, wstęp, wybór i opracowanie Danuta Ulicka, projekt graficzny okładki i stron tytułowych Mirosław R. Makowski, „Przegląd Filozoficzno-Literacki”, nr 2(47) 2017, 255 s.

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Writing History – Shaping History of (Not Only Polish) Literary Studies (transl. by K. Szymańska)
Danuta Ulicka 9-22


World Literature as a Construct: Chronotopicity and Self-Reflexivity
Galin Tihanov 23-39
Comparative Literature and the Birth of Literary Theory in Poland
Tomasz Bilczewski 41-51
Varieties of Ideology Critique in Early Soviet Literary and Oriental Scholarship
Craig Brandist 53-67
Commentaries, Manifestos. (Walter Benjamin, Vladimir Nabokov, Stanisław Barańczak)
Schamma Schahadat 69-83
(Re)Writing the History of Polish Literary Studies Through Translation. The Case of Ireneusz Opacki’s Royal Genres
Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz 85-100
The Tragedy of Early Literary Theory
Michał Mrugalski 101-115
Tynyanov, Jakobson
Peter Steiner 117-124
Writing Literary History in Contemporary Czech Studies
Jan Tlustý 125-133
Practising the History of Literary Studies Within the Studies of Particular Authors (transl. by T. Williams)
Tomasz Mizerkiewicz 135-142
Cultural Themes in Polish Theoretical Literary Studies: A Case of Reference, or, Roman Ingarden for Children and for Adults (transl. by K. Szymańska)
Danuta Ulicka 143-159
The “Regional” in Polish Literary Studies before 1939. From Romantic Local Colour to Interwar Literary Regionalism
Adela Kobelska 161-173
Generic Consciousness in the Polish Theory of Genres
Przemysław Pietrzak 175-186
Polish Narratology on Non-Fiction
Joanna Jeziorska-Haładyj 187-197
„The photographic look has something paradoxical about it which is sometimes to be met with in life.” Literary Text and Other Worlds: The Case of Photography
Magdalena Szczypiorska-Mutor 199-212
The Left Hand of the Structuralist
Artur Hellich 213-223
The Other Normativity. Bruno Schulz and His Remythologising of the Word
Eliza Kącka 225-241
The Function of Literary Studies
Marcin Gorczyński 243-249
Notes about Authors

ISSN: 1643-2045